Wireless Chargers

Wireless Charging Docks have only recently become popular, these charging docks have heavily assisted many consumers in clearing up their cords. This product is the best way to reduce the clutter and untidiness of having multiple chargers all next your bed or anywhere in your house.

Wireless Charging Docks are perfect for individuals with multiple smart products as different docks can cater for different amounts of products. Wireless Charging Docks can charge anywhere from 2-to-5 devices at once, this product can charge your phone, your smartwatch and your earphones (Airpods) amongst other ‘smart’ devices.

Majority of, if not all, Wireless Charging Docks provide the consumer with the same characteristics as normal charging products. Yet, the two products are different as the new and modern Wireless Charging Docks provides the consumer with flexibility and convenience to charge all, if not most, of their ‘smart’ devices. These products can include (as previously mentioned) your phone, smartwatch, earphones and even a second phone, depending on which Wireless Charging Dock was purchased.

Wireless Charging Docks can charge your products at a reasonable speed, all at once, and can also clean up the aesthetic your home by reducing the amount of cords lying around. Each Wireless Charging Dock has a single cable (usually 1.2-meters) that provides ease to the consumer by allowing the dock to plug into the wall yet still providing enough length for usage.

Though most Wireless Charging Docks provide similar functions, specific Wireless Charging Docks deliver a higher level of quality than other Wireless Charging Docks. The higher priced Wireless Charging Docks include a variation of additional features, not only do they charge the ‘smart’ products more efficiently and quickly, features such as LED lights and stands are incorporated in the higher priced Wireless Charging Docks.

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LED Breathing Light Wireless Charger

The ‘LED BREATHING LIGHT WIRELESS CHARGER’ certainly surpasses its competitors with its time usag...

The ‘LED BREATHING LIGHT WIRELESS CHARGER’ certainly surpasses its competitors with its time usage, this is attributed to its metal charging pad in comparison to its plastic opponents. The 10W charger, provided by the ‘LED BREATHING LIGHT WIRELESS CHARGER’, has the output to charge your phone, watch and earphones. The ‘LED BREATHING LIGHT WIRELESS CHARGER’ has an ambient that can illuminate at all times and will not disrupt your sleep due to its serene nature. The multicoloured LED light, in...

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